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Medical transcription

We Technocerts, are flexible and able to customize a full-service medical transcription services solution for your clinic, hospital or private practice. No matter if you are an individual practitioner, large or small clinic and even multi-specialty clinics, we provide quality and accurate medical transcription services.

Our fast, professional and reliable medical transcription services are fully HIPAA-compliant, follow AHDI/AAMT standards and will meet or exceed 99 percent accuracy guaranteed. Our online platform allows you to access patient reports anytime and anywhere, while still being completely HIPAA-compliant. Our online platform offers protections that insure us as the most secure and private medical transcription services platform for the healthcare industry today.

Realistically, doctors don’t have time to type their own notes. Doctors don’t even like to type their own notes. And with the increasing usage of EHRs, doctors are being asked to do more and more things they don’t have the time to do in addition to practicing medicine. We can take this burden off of physicians so they can go back to what’s important: seeing patients. This helps all of us!

When you sign up for our medical transcription services with Technocerts you are assigned a team of highly trained medical transcriptionists as well as a dedicated account manager who works to ensure accuracy and efficiency. Our team works with you directly to better understand your requirements and specific goals in order to make the most of our partnership with your facility.

We assure,

  • Get Fast, Accurate Recall of Critical Facts
  • Make Information Accessible
  • Free Up Doctors & Staff
  • Leverages Industry Experience
  • High Quality and Accurate Medical Records
  • Improved Report Accessibility