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This class is for anyone interested in an introduction to the Agile methodologies. We will cover the different types of Agile methodologies with emphasis on Scrum. We’ll also go more in-depth on how Scrum can help you in the way you work with your company no matter what team size or industry. Agile revolutionized the way we work as individuals and teams and it adds transparency and ways to communicate and collaborate in an iterative fashion versus waterfall. This course is for anyone who has an interest in applying Agile and Scrum for their teams even after receiving a certification and then having still having a lot of questions on the best implementation.

1 Day Classroom or 8 hours Instructor led Online Training

Course Completion Certificate


2 Mock Exams

Agile Manifesto with Scrum – EBook

Trainer: Experience Agile Coach

Post training support

10% discount on any other Course

25% discount on any Online Course

  1. Why and What is Agile

Why different organizations are adopting Agile

Agile Values and Principles

Business outcome of using Agile

  1. Scrum framework in detail

Scrum Roles, Ceremonies and Artefacts

Setting right team structures with different examples

Why, How and When of Backlog Grooming, Sprint Planning, Sprint Review, Sprint Demos

Gathering requirements using User Stories and how to validate requirements using acceptance criteria

Agile Estimation and Planning using Story Points

How do estimation using Planning Poker

  1. Progress Tracking

Burn-down charts effectiveness and its different usage

  1. Infrastructure requirements

Participants will be divided to multiple teams of 4-5 people. Each team will be sitting around round table

2-3 whiteboards at least and markers of different colors

Post-its on each table with pens

Internet connection to the facilitator to display and pull information from net

Audio speakers to connect to facilitator laptop

An overview of different types of Agile methodologies.

In-depth intro to Scrum which helps you understand if it is right for you.

8 PMI PDUs certificate for classroom training

Agile and Scrum online simulation tests

Course completion certificate on Professional Agile & Scrum

If you are a Project Manager, Product Manager, Functional Lead, Director, Business Analyst, Engineer, or Software Developer, this class will provide a solid foundation for how to take Agile concepts and Scrum to the next level in your organization or get started on a new path of collaboration, focus, and quality to propel your product development to new heights.