Advanced Business Case Writing

Advanced Business Case Writing

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A business case is a key part of your project documentation. A good business case will explain the problem, identify all the possible options to address it, and allow decision-makers to decide which course of action will be best for the organization. This Advanced Business Case Writing training provides you with all the tools you need to be able to write a clear, informative and compelling business case. It is delivered by a highly experienced and successful business case writer who has authored numerous reports, business cases and proposals across most market sectors.

Before writing a Business case, you must understand and thoroughly analyze the situation and conditions leading to the initiation of the project. Then you need to outline the various resources and requirements of the project in terms of money, time and deadlines on ROI etc. The next step would involve collecting all the sources of data that you would need to mention in the business case. A written argument must contain quantitative information. Proceeding further, you must take the preliminary outline of your business case to 1 or 2 people to verify the quality as well as to take inputs from them. Only after you complete these steps, should you should write a well formed document.

Our Advanced Business Case Writing course is designed to provide you with an understanding on how to write compelling business cases to best suit organizational objectives and achieve targets. This course helps you to sharpen your presentation skills and get the stakeholders on your side through our Advanced Business Case Writing training.

On successful completion of this Advanced Business Case Writing course, you will receive a Course Completion Certificate from Technocerts with Credits (1 credit per hour of training).

You will learn:

  • How to write compelling business case
  • How to save costs through efficiencies
  • How to maximize productivity and quality
  • How to reduce risks with safety measures


  • Course completion certificate
  • 2 Days of classroom training
  • Hard/Soft copy of courseware
  • 16 CCR PDU
  • 24/7 post training support

  • Introduction to business case writing
  • Developing a clear objective to keep you on track
  • Top tips for business case structures
  • Meeting reader’s expectations good planning makes your content relevant
  • The six-step process model
  • Identifying key messages – clarity and consistency
  • Tools for strengthening the case
  • Improving your writing style
  • What decision makers need to know for approval?
  • Stakeholder analysis improving methods
  • Project or programme objectives
  • Understanding cost drivers and clarifying sources of funding
  • Cost-Impact Graphs and Force Field Analysis
  • Project outputs, outcomes and benefits
  • Quantitative and qualitative benefits
  • Business case template
  • Identifying key risks
  • Discussing the different ways you can structure your business case
  • Outlines for your business case
  • Managing the process of gathering information
  • Return on investment – targeted statistics, multiple information sources, alternative scenarios
  • Making your arguments persuasive
  • Drafting your business case
  • Checking that you are maintaining the correct writing style
  • How, when and where to use illustrations
  • Editing your business case
  • Exploiting the tools
  • Checklist before submitting the business case
  • Avoiding rejections in the future
  • Top tips to present your business case effectively

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