Lean and Kanban

Lean and Kanban

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This course helps you to understand how Kanban differs from other methods, and provides the foundation for applying Kanban principles in your organization. Lean and Kanban aim to improve lead time and reduce bottlenecks, thus delivering goods on time without overshooting budgets or time considerations. Kanban promotes incremental change in process, processes tailored to each project or value stream, and continuous improvement. The advantages of a Kanban systems includes flexibility of process, reduced waste, increased productivity, and improved efficiency. Learn to focus on the work that is needed and reduce the time spent on the wrong work. The Kanban workshop is for anyone trying to create a cultural framework for continuous improvement; finding the problems, identifying bottlenecks, and managing the work in process. Learn how Kanban can be applied to your software development workflow and how it differs from other development methods.

Key features:

  • 8 hours high quality learning
  • Training from certified instructors
  • Effective interactive sessions
  • Discuss case studies for better reinforcement
  • Course completion certificate


  • Learn techniques for reducing or eliminating waste to improve the bottom line.
  • Increase their ability to deliver business value faster to their customers by reducing overall cycle time.
  • See the entire development process from end-to-end in order to optimize the whole system.
  • Improve team through put by using Kanban to identify and remove bottlenecks.
  • Improve product quality by using continuous feedback from customers and continuous integration techniques.
  • Understand that most errors are due to the system within which people work rather than to the individuals themselves.
  • Recognize that teams are most efficient when the amount of work is limited to their capacity.

  • Introduction to Lean and Kanban
  • Kanban Principles
  • Lean Principles
  • Waste in software
  • Value stream mapping
  • System Thinking
  • Kanban board
  • How to apply WIP?
  • Managing and measuring flow
  • Lead time and Cycle time

  • Business analysts
  • Technical analysts
  • Programme and delivery managers
  • Project managers
  • Software engineers/programmers
  • Development managers
  • Product managers
  • Product analysts
  • Testers
  • QA engineers
  • Documentation specialists
  • Anyone interested in implementing Agile in their organization
  • People working in non-software domains, such as HR or sales

There are no prerequisites for attending this program.

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Email : support@technocerts.com
Call : +1 480 582 9855