Online Classroom

With the rapid evolution in technology, mode of education has changed a lot. From traditional classroom learning, people have started switching to online classroom training these days.

At first time several questions come in mind regarding online classroom training like how online training is taken, whether I will be able to attend it and learn through it, how will I be able to do practicals, how will I interact with the instructor and so on. Let’s see some of the key features of online training and difference between classroom and online classroom training.

Online classroom learning is very flexible. When we think of learning online, asynchronous activities such as presentations and quizzes appears in mind first. But there is another side to online classroom learning and that’s the live, synchronous element.

Learners from different locations are facing various obstacles in attending traditional learning. In order to overcome such interruptions we provide the best way of learning to our customers in effective and convenient manner through online. If employees can take a training course from their desks, organizations no longer have to hold day-long seminars with a trainer teaching materials to a room full of people. There are more benefits of online training aside from cost savings.

In some ways, live online classes are similar to traditional classroom training where a trainer presents information and interact with people in real time but in online, there are some major differences between the two. Let’s try to understand them.

Benefits to Learners

1. Instructors

  • Our highly experienced and professional instructor provides best education to participants based on their expectations
  • Experts working in leading industries are hired, who can share their real-life experience.

2. Training level

  • As provided by industry experts the level of training is very high.
  • Practical’s and real-life use cases are covered in great details

3. Course Access duration

  • Unlimited, Lifetime Access

4. Convenience level

  • Most convenient as classes can be taken from comfort of your home or even while traveling without missing anything

5. Doubt clearance

  • Apart from instructor, support team is available to resolve all your doubts

6. Study Material

  • Students are provided course recordings and complete study material which are convenient in handling for future reference

7. Training from Future perspective

  • Sessions are recorded to view in future

8. Missed Sessions

  • If a session is missed, you can watch recording before the next session. Also you can attend missed session in batch running in parallel

9. Guidance to Students

  • Very personalized and focused guidance is given to individuals for their work

10. Training schedule

  • Schedule can be flexible, according to the needs of both teacher and students.

11. Students evaluation

  • Experts working in leading industries are hired, who can share their real-life experience selected best instructor to provide best education to participants